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Executive Coaching

I will be covering the topic of “self development” across a number of posts given its importance in shaping our personal and professional lives.

Think about it…if professional athletes and teams have coaches, shouldn’t executives have them, too? We are after all, technically speaking, also considered “professional,” aren’t we?

Broadly speaking, executive coaches work with their clients in areas that are critical to growing an executive’s career. While executive coaches cover a variety of areas, almost always they will help hone their client’s career path, communication skills, executive presence, strategic thinking and conflict resolution skills, while also helping an executive during career transitions.

I have and continue to benefit from coaching. It has made a significant influence on both my professional and personal lives, and I have noticed the greatest influence in self-awareness, work/life balance, career planning, influencing others and in identifying strengths and weaknesses.

It is for this reason that I have often wondered why more companies don’t leverage executive coaching to further advance its leaders.

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